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Dependant Visa

 What is the UK Family Dependant Visa?


The UK Family Visa is a type of UK visa that is applied for by British citizens or those with permanent residency in the UK in order to bring their family members to join them.


Through this UK visa type, eligible family members can stay with you and settle in the UK through family reunification.


 Who can apply?


• Spouse or partner

• Fiancé(e)

• Children under 18

• Parent(s)

• Relatives who will provide long-term care for you or receive care from you


If these individuals will be visiting the UK for 6 months or less, they do not need to apply for this UK visa type. Additionally, to have your application accepted, you need to prove your English language proficiency. If your family member is in the UK on a temporary work visa or a student visa, you cannot apply for a family visa.


 What documents are required?


√ Financial support: When applying, you need to provide documents showing that your partner or family member will provide sufficient financial support for you. Additionally, you need to provide documents proving that you have sufficient financial support for yourself.


√ Accommodation: When applying, you need to provide documents showing that your partner or family member will provide sufficient accommodation for you.


√ English language proficiency: When applying, you need to have passed an English language proficiency test.


√ Immigration test: When applying, you need to have passed the Immigration Test.


 What are the benefits?


If your application is accepted, the waiting time for the visa is usually around 6 months. However, if your application is rejected, there are many options to learn the reason and appeal. If your visa application is accepted, you will be entitled to residence for 5 years. You can apply to extend this period at any time before it expires.


The requirements and documents needed to obtain a UK Family Visa are quite detailed, and it is recommended to consult with an expert lawyer or advisor to avoid any confusion during the application process. Additionally, it is important to stay up-to-date with current rules and regulations and obtain current information on visa procedures.


Legal Disclaimer; The materials appearing on this website are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal or visa advice.