Skilled Worker Visa

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Skilled Worker Visa

 What is a Skilled Worker Visa?


After the Brexit process, the UK introduced several new types of visas to bring skilled workers into the country in needed areas of the job market. One of these new visa types is the Skilled Worker Visa, which replaces the Tier 2 General Work Visa.


 Who can apply?


To apply for this new UK visa, you must:


√ Have a confirmed job offer

√ Have a "Certificate of Sponsorship" (CoS) from an approved UK employer

√ Be working in a job listed as eligible

√ Have been offered a salary that meets or exceeds the minimum threshold

√ Have a B1 level of English language ability


You must meet these requirements to apply.


 What are the required documents?


The documents required to apply for the UK Skilled Worker Visa are:


√ A valid passport or national identity card

√ Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

√ Evidence of your English language ability

√ Your job offer

√ Personal documents: These may include your national identity card, passport, health insurance, evidence of marriage, etc.

√ Other documents required for the visa: When applying for the visa, you may also need to provide other documents, such as work permits, educational certificates, etc.


 What are the benefits?


You can apply for this visa up to 3 months before your intended travel date. The visa application is usually processed within 3 weeks if you apply outside the UK and within 8 weeks if you apply inside the UK.


With this UK visa, you can work for up to 5 years, and then you can apply to extend your visa or for permanent residency. You can also change your employer during this 5-year period and work in a second job.


You can bring your spouse and children to the UK with you when you apply for this visa.


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