Innovator Visa

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Innovator Visa

Innovator Visa

 What is the Innovator Visa?


The Innovator Visa is a type of UK visa that provides applicants who want to start an innovative business in the UK or grow their existing business with the opportunity to apply for a visa.


 Who Can Apply?


To apply for this UK visa type, you must:


√ Have an innovative business idea or be operating a business in an innovative field

√ Have the support of an endorsing body for your business or business idea

√ Be at least 18 years old

√ Have a B2 level of English language proficiency

√ Be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient personal savings to support yourself while in the UK

√ Invest at least £50,000 in your business


 What Are the Required Documents?


The required documents for this UK visa type are:


√ A valid passport

√ Proof of your English language proficiency

√ Evidence of your investment funds

√ Bank statements for the previous 28 days before your application, showing that you have at least £1,270 in your account


 What Are the Benefits?


If you are granted this UK visa type, you will have the right to stay in the UK for up to 3 years. After the 3-year period ends, you can apply to extend your visa for additional 3-year periods, or you can apply for permanent residency.


With this visa type, you can start one or more businesses, bring your family with you, work in another job, and travel outside the UK.


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