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Student Visa

  What is UK Student Visa?


UK Student Visa is a type of visa that students aged 16 and above who want to study in the UK need to apply for. To be eligible to apply for this UK Visa, you must have received an acceptance from a licensed educational institution. In addition, you need to have at least a B2 level of English proficiency to benefit from this UK Visa type.


  What are the Required Documents?


√ Valid passport

√ Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from your course provider

√ Evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself and pay for the course

√ Consent letter from your parents if you are under 18 years old


  What are the Benefits?


You can apply for this UK visa type as early as 6 months before the start of your education, and the visa application process usually takes up to 3 weeks to complete. The duration of your stay varies depending on the length of your course, and you can apply to extend your visa when it expires or switch to a different UK visa route. You can bring your family members with you and receive health services with your family.


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