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Scale -up Visa

  What is the Scale-Up Visa?


The Scale-Up Visa is one of the new visa types introduced in the UK to address the skilled worker shortage that emerged after Brexit. It is one of the most popular visa types in the UK, and it allows you to work in rapidly growing companies to address employment shortages.


  Who can apply?


To apply for the popular Scale-Up Visa in the UK, you must:


√ Have an offer from an approved scale-up company

√ Have the offer approved for at least six months of work

√ Have a "sponsorship certificate" from your employer that provides information about the position offered to you in the UK

√ Work in an eligible occupation as specified on the list of eligible occupations

√ Have been offered a salary that exceeds the minimum wage

√ Have B1 level English language proficiency


  What documents are required?


The documents required for this UK visa type include:


√ A valid passport

√ A sponsorship certificate number provided by your employer

√ Proof of your English language proficiency

√ A document showing your job description and annual salary

√ Your occupation code

√ Proof that you have enough personal savings to support yourself in the UK,


  What are the benefits?


Initially, this visa is granted for a period of two years, after which you can apply for an extension if you continue to meet the eligibility conditions. If you continue to meet the eligibility conditions, you can extend your visa for up to three years, and after the three-year period ends, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain.


You are required to continue working for your sponsor company for six months, but after this period, you can leave the job, start your own business, or work for another company without informing the Home Office. You can also bring your family with you, travel abroad, and take advantage of education opportunities.


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